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Dr Ife Akinse

The education of the world’s children, especially our dear country, is high on the global agenda in the context of education for all, Youths and adults should receive quality and good education on what the country has turned to in the aspect of drugs and other social vices, unless there are special intervention that target their development.the desired educational on the above may be elusive.
It is very important to take notes that our dear nation has been plummeted into the state of ridicule by international community due to the negligence of the concerned citizens toward these social ills that is ravaging our dear world.
Every youths has an important role to play in the making of a nation drug free and violence free and be collectively responsible for the greatness alongside positive projection of our dear nation.
The adverse impact of illicit drug usage,cultivation, trafficking and production in world is profound.this impact manifest itself in many ways, some of which may not be ordinary visible due to clandestine manners in which drug find their way into our society and the stigma associated with drug abuse. It is therefore not always a straight forward task to articulate the full extent and nature of the harm caused by illicit drugs.
This is the reason why SWADAA came to existence through the following process:-
The emergence of SWADAA started by an incident that occur in Ekiti state of Nigeria in the year 1996, where a student was killed by a group of cultists, who the assiliant associated on drug and crime related matters. Through this incident an organisation history was established known as “RoyalLine Promotions and Productions with the sole aim saving the lives of our youths and our society at large from perdition namely: drug abuse,cultism,youth violence, gangsterism,kidnapping,rape, domestic violence and other notable heinous crimes and activities,
The founder late prince evangelist akintoye Francis omole, the 1st president who hails from ikere Ekiti Ekiti state south western state of educationist and astute lover of youths and aged people, a cheerful giver,who is ready to sacrifice anything for the Betterment of humanity as well as someone who adhere strictly to the word of God.a passionate lover of truth and justice,preacher,prophet and teacher whom the organization staff learnt a lot from in the aspect of social and humanitarian responsibility.
In the line of this project,the late president crusade and campaign vigorously against the aforementioned vices through schools, churches, mosques and other social gatherings and sometimes through invitation by interested partners on the drug abuse and social ills related matters.
While going through sensitization exercise the organisation write National Drug Law Enforcement Agency for affiliation and government assistance with expressive education on drug abuse related matters and in the year 2007, our prayer was granted, we were registered and trained by the personnel of the agency on so many aspects of drug overview and proffer solution to probable questions to be asked by the affected person or persons on drug abuse matters.
The project continues with recognition by some powerful religious institutions in Nigeria. In which we were given an opportunity to educate all pastors under their umbrella as well as decorate one of the pillar of the institution “CHRIST APOSTOLIC CHURCH” and we decorate prophet Gabriel Also Oyelami AKA Baba Alasepe in ikire osun state of Nigeria. The program was National Conference of Pastor and Baba sponsored a book written by the late president on drug, cultism, youth violence and Hiv/aids to be distributed amongst 4000 pastors free of charge as a way of contributing quota to humanity.
The project also continues with the education of midwifery and Nurses through the National Conference of midwifery in omu – Aran Kwara state of Nigeria.

While the organization is establishing her roots and tentacles in the land of Nigeria, Dr Ife Joseph Akinse was contributing his quota as the deputy president of the organization by establishing leadership and law with other assignments amongst the staff of the organisation.
RoyalLine Promotions and Productions travelled far and wide of our dear nation all in the name of propagating and crusading against the monster that will derail the generation from staining their goal.
Many states were visited and many schools, churches, including special functions were also visited to establish the fact and danger inherent in drug abuse, its effect on the future generation if actions were not taking.
In the year 2016 the 1st president left the world for greater beyond and a new dawn started with the organization and it was discovered that Royal Line promotions and productions were registered as a business entity and not as NGO.which prompt members to first and foremost establish a new order by appointing a new leader and it was unanimously agreed to promote Dr Ife Joseph Akinse to the role of the new president as well as re registered the organization with a new name known as RoyalLine Social Welfare Foundation and it was registered with corporate Affairs commission with board of trustees appointed to establish and oversea the Affairs of the organisation.
The organisation was inaugurated in the year 2017 with pomp and pageantry while many dignitaries were invited to grace the occasion.
The organisation decided to write all the law enforcement agencies of our intentions and to be recognised as well as establishing a new order by been para-military oriented organization. As a drug fighter , a discipline needs to be recognized by the members and interested participants as drug fighting is a serious and hard task.
The organisation write to establish relationships with institutions in the land through various means of communication and to God be the glory various response were given by different organizations and agencies for partnership on the aforementioned social vices.
Under the leadership of Dr Ife Joseph Akinse, the organization has been going strong despite the challenges, faced by the organization.
His leadership has transformed the organization from pedestrian style of operation to high speed through dissemination and recieving information relating to drug abuse matters.
Many institutions have shown their willingness to cooperate and work with SWADAA in the field of the assignment designated to the organization.
Under Dr Ife Joseph Akinse leadership SWADAA have been invited by the international community to express herself and the challenges faced in other to effectively carryout the duty in which the government of the federation designated to the organisation.
SWADAA DRUG ABUSE Rehabilitation Advocacy Initiative is the new organization name in which all the aforementioned names have metamorphosed into and now recognized by government agencies and all other parastatals with operational name as SWADAA.
Though many organization are imitating our name by using our uniform and dress code to claim if their existence and we can categorically denied any relationship with such entities.
Here are the government agencies and parastatals associated with ” SWADAA in the fight against the surge ravaging our society:-
1, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency
2-department of state security
3-federal ministry of interior
4-the Nigeria Police
5-Nigeria Civil Defence Corps
6-Lagos State Government
7-Federal Ministry of Health
8-Lagos State Ministry of Health
9-Federal Neuro Psychiatric Hospital
10-Nigeria Immigration Service
11-Nigeria correctional services
12-Lagos State Traditional Medicine Board
13-Federal Ministry of Youths and Sport
14-Ogun State Government

15-Osun State Government
16-Oyo State Government
17-Edo State Government
18- Economic and Financial crime commission,e.t.c.
SWADAA is an organisation ready to be assisted by international bodies for as long as fighting drug menace in our society our primary responsibility.
Our organization can boost of establishing In sub Saharan Africa namel:- Liberia,sierra Leone, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya with corporate headquarter situated in Lagos state of Nigeria.
Drug menace as we all know is a global phenomenon that needs urgent attention by global leaders and we are ready for any support from any interested partners all around the globe as we cannot do it all alone.
We are seeking support on the pandemic as the present generation stand the risk of perdition if urgent actions are not taking now .
Our objective is to make our society a drug and crime free and to save the upcoming. generation from the clutches of the menace.

The president

They Need Your Help!

I hereby call on Nigeria citizens and the world at large to join hands together with SWADAA to fight the menace confronting our youths from attaining their goals.

Swadaa Global  president